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Some people collect graphic novels, coins, or Elvis memorabilia. I collect stories. Since I was young I've read everything I could touch or see. I've since added movies, plays, and television shows. But where I find my most interesting stories are with the people I meet in my daily life. Sometimes I ask and sometimes people seems to just open-up to me uninvited, as if I am a magnet that attracts "TMI"- drawing from people information they don’t normally share.

It makes me think that maybe there are many people out there who want to share their stories, real and created,  but no one asks.

This blog is my attempt to share great stories with others who love them as much as I, and to collect stories from those who have something to share.

I’m still in development, with a focus on stories and personal reflections. Keep visiting and you’ll get the chance to see this site bloom, and you’ll remember when it was just a seedling breaking ground.

Please join me. Tell me a story.


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