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Today was my first trip since I have become more serious about losing weight.  ...continue reading "Lent 2016: March 16, Day 36- Tangible Benefits"

I just completed a long day of chores and errands around the house, and although I do feel tired, it's not the same stressful, agitated feeling as if I had spent the same length of time doing my professional work. ...continue reading "Lent 2016: March 12, Day 32– Domestic Bliss"

For awhile now I have been trying to work on controlling my tongue at work. It so easy to get sucked into gossip and bitching. ...continue reading "Lent 2016: March 11, Day 31 – Speak Light"

I have a lot of exciting things going on in my life right now, but sometimes even the good stuff can cause stress. ...continue reading "Lent 2016: March 3, Day 23 -Irons in the Fire"


I have been fighting a serious weight problem for years now. But three months ago, I was told that we were running out of “easy fixes”; ...continue reading "Lent 2016: March 1, Day 21 -Report Card Day"

There are so many things in the world one could get riled up about, so many injustices. One could spend every minute of every day outraged about very legitimate causes. You have to pick your battles or you'll go crazy...

Case in point, for some reason, I have become genuinely outraged at the Apple vs. FBI issue regarding the iPhone owed by the terrorist who shot up San Bernadino, Ca. ...continue reading "Lent 2016: February 24, Day 15 -Apple’s New Time Machine"


It looks like it will be one more day of random Lent blogging before I return to the sub-topic of forgiveness.

Tuesdays are one of our longer days, so often times we get a lot less of our normal routine done.

One interesting thing to note, we have joined the millennial trend of cord cutting. We shut off our satellite tv service and now we only have Netflix and whatever streaming services we decide to use. ...continue reading "Lent 2016: February 23, Day 14 -Cord Cutters"

Guard dog and guard dad 2

I had a harrowing event occur on my way home tonight and it led to an unexpected memory. I was running late, anxious to get home, and headed down the last mile of our dirt road. As I rounded the last bend, I saw two dogs in the road- one big, one little. Neither moved; and as I was going too fast (as usual), it took some effort to get slowed down.

Meanwhile the dogs weren't moving- at all.

Then I realize it is one big dog and one very little person, a toddler- leaning on his riding toy like an elderly person using a walker. ...continue reading "Unznheimer Ike of Willow Creek"

This week, I'm working on a short story.

In anticipation of my main character's struggle, I'm asking my readers to share their own story from the theme: What question do you dread being asked? ...continue reading "Dreaded Question: Reader’s Stories"

You know this ain't love
No, this ain't love
(What is it then?) It's desperation

Eminem, Desperation (featuring Jamie N Commons), The Marshall Mathers LP2

Now that I'm writing again outside of work, I find my reading tastes are, once again, leaning more literary and less 'brain candy'.

Yesterday, I started a memoir by one of my favorite authors, Richard Russo. At three a.m. this morning I made myself put it down; and then devoured the rest when I woke up. The U.S. release of the book is titled Elsewhere. ...continue reading "Elsewhere, by Richard Russo – Review and Personal Reflection"