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Lent 2016: March 1, Day 21 -Report Card Day

I have been fighting a serious weight problem for years now. But three months ago, I was told that we were running out of “easy fixes”; and I was going to have to start using insulin if I couldn’t get my blood sugar under control. There is a substantial difference between having the label of diabetic and taking a pill for it compared to requiring needles and insulin every single day.

Even though I had been doing “better” and I had been losing weight, my bloodwork results were getting worse.

So, three months ago, I told the doctor I wanted one more chance at fixing it myself.

I got much more serious about cutting carbs, cutting snacks, and even cutting fruit- which I dearly love- but they are simple sugars. And, I joined the cult of Fitbit wearers and immediately became addicted to counting steps.

Another big difference has been joining with other for accountability. My other Fitbit friends have come along side one another and cheered and taunted, challenged and bet with one another.

Today was the three month mark and report card day.

I showed significant improvement, and am right on the cusp of an acceptable number.

If I can do even better, and there are miles of room for improvement still, then maybe I can get to the point where I can stop taking certain medicines and take care of my own body.

I’m grateful for the opportunity to try and turn the ship around, only by the hand of God.

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