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Lent 2016: March 3, Day 23 -Irons in the Fire

I have a lot of exciting things going on in my life right now, but sometimes even the good stuff can cause stress.

I'm trying to eat less, less snacks, more exercise, less TV, more home cooking, better home upkeep and housework, daily blogging, tighter budget, tighter work schedule to avoid mission creep...

All good stuff for good reasons, and if I had done better sooner- then I wouldn't be here now... But it does get tiring.

It actually cuts both ways. All of the accomplishments or improvements is energizing mentally- but I do have moments when I realize I am tired physically.

I had three things left to do tonight, and I just decided I need to be more measured if I wanted to keep all of the irons in the fire hot.

I am grateful for for all of my irons and my fire!

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