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Today was my first trip since I have become more serious about losing weight.  ...continue reading "Lent 2016: March 16, Day 36- Tangible Benefits"

I've been on a roll with my weight loss, and this is suppose to be a weblog, so I thought I would be brave and log my weight. ...continue reading "Lent 2016: March 11, Day 31 – Weight Blog"

I have a lot of exciting things going on in my life right now, but sometimes even the good stuff can cause stress. ...continue reading "Lent 2016: March 3, Day 23 -Irons in the Fire"


I have been fighting a serious weight problem for years now. But three months ago, I was told that we were running out of “easy fixes”; ...continue reading "Lent 2016: March 1, Day 21 -Report Card Day"


It looks like it will be one more day of random Lent blogging before I return to the sub-topic of forgiveness.

Tuesdays are one of our longer days, so often times we get a lot less of our normal routine done.

One interesting thing to note, we have joined the millennial trend of cord cutting. We shut off our satellite tv service and now we only have Netflix and whatever streaming services we decide to use. ...continue reading "Lent 2016: February 23, Day 14 -Cord Cutters"