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Accepting God Will

When peace came to Israel as David settled in as King, he thought of the Lord and how to honor Him and address the spiritual needs of the people. In exchange, God God us all the Davidic covenant.

What it meant to David

David had his thoughts about how to honor God and sought counsel from Nathan, his advisor from God (prophet). It's interesting that Nathan first told David to pursue his heart's desire. Then Nathan later came back with specific message from God. It seems to support the idea Pastor Eric has shared, and from Self-confrontation...If you want to know what your gifting is or God's mission for you...then start doing something. The rutter on the boat only works when the ship is moving on the water, not in place on the dock.

God points out that He never asked for a house. He asked for the tabernacle and its accompaniments, but not a house. What He needed David to focus on was the nation of Israel. They needed shepherd back from the season of the judges and having David focused on the temple, would draw attention away from David leading his people back to restoration. (I've also heard that David was a man of war and that's not who God had to build his temple.) David was disappointed; but accepted God's will and honored the Lord for knowing what was good and best.

What it meant to Israel

The Davidic covenant brides Abraham's covenant. It speaks of the nation and the Messiah previously promised.

  • It promised land and rest (rest going back to God's rest on the 7th day; leading to Sabbath; rest for the Israelites freed from Egypt in the Promise Land; and then Jesus as our rest under the New Testament.)
  • David offered to build God a house; God in return, offered to build a dynasty to culminate in Jesus' eternal Kingdom.
  • References to the Messiah
  1. Genesis 3:15: human savior
  2. Genesis 12:3: Jew who would bless the whole world
  3. Genesis 49:10 Tribe of Judah
  4. II Samuel Chapter 7: From the line of David
  5. Micah 5:2: Born in Bethlehem (city of David) (Matthew 2:6)
  6. Greater than Solomon: house forever; kingdom forever; throne forever; glorifying God forever.
  • Israel also owns David for the massive and essential preparation work he did to prepare for Solomon to build and fill the temple.

All of these promises are for us under the New Testament through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ- as He was born King and His Kingdom will reign forever.

What it meant to Believers Today

David as an example to us all. As a servant, as a child of God, as someone grateful in the past for how far God had brought him and how far the Lord had brought all of Israel; grateful in the present, despite not getting what he thought he wanted, in faith for believing in future promises and moving forward in action and in prayer to what was promised.

II Samuel 1 Intro

David was a shepherd at heart. He didn't force himself on the people, but shepherded them.

David was in exile for 10 years, running for his life...there's single incidents from a decade ago I'm still holding onto. that's amazing. He broke into a sad song when he heard of Saul's death and never mentioned all of the horrible things that Saul did.

That didn't happen because of who David was, but because of who God is. When you're walking in the Spirit of God, nothing else matters. You see people as His, and offenses don't carry a sting.

There are three accounts of Saul's death and they differ. The author of I Saul's account, the messenger's, and apparently one coming in I Chronicles. Logic dictates that the messenger was lying. Especially since Samuel was originally one book, so one author. These are the "contradictions" that skeptics use, but to me this makes it real. These contradictions could have been smoothed over somewhere in history. But they are still there for us to wrestle with.

AT the end of it, the messenger probably thought he was bringing good news and when he saw everyone grieving, he worked up a story he thought would gain him a reward.

The word "fallen" is found six times in this chapter. The man bigger than all around him in his youth, fell and died in shame.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

I have just started reading Exodus and have come to the account of the conversation between Moses and God about going to Egypt to demand the freedom of the Hebrew people.
Moses' shepherding staff caught my eye and I made a note of it in my notes journal. It almost becomes its own character as the story unfolds and it got me thinking that it must symbolize something fundamental, like Jesus or the Holy Spirit. ...continue reading "The Staff of Moses-Dynamic Post"

In October, my husband and I went "back to church". We started attending a new church, Rocky Mountain Calvary, which had been introduced to us through friends years ago.

I am now in a women's bible study which is studying the names of God, using Kay Author's book, Lord, I Want to Know You.

Today's reading was on the Name Elohim. God is the God of gods; and God is Creator. ...continue reading "Elohim, God of creators"

Over the last year or so, I've been working my way back through the Chronicles of Narnia. I just finished A Horse and His Boy today, so I have been thinking abut providence, which is supposed to be the primary theme of the story.

I am ambivalent about providence. ...continue reading "Providence- A Horse and His Boy"

I woke up feeling pretty cruddy; I'm fighting a chest cold. Probably from being so busy before I left and then traveling.

I'm often amazed that God built a day of rest into each week. It's one of those things that really helps me to conceptualize that He really cares for us and knows what we need even more than we do. ...continue reading "Lent 2016: March 19, Day 39- Day of Rest"

I should be leaving
But I can't cut loose
I have my reasons for resistance
But I have no excuse
And I lose my composure
I could use some restraint
I never claimed to be a hero
And I never said I was a saint

She's such a temptation
It's driving me crazy
And it's my fascination
That's making me act this way
And I can just hear all my friends say
"Better watch out, you're losing your touch"
But she's such a temptation

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When we don't get what we deserve
That's a real good thing, a real good thing
When we get what we don't deserve
That's a real good thing, a real good thing

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