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Lent 2016: March 16, Day 36- Tangible Benefits

Today was my first trip since I have become more serious about losing weight. 

I was quite pleased to find some tangible benefits of my efforts.

First, I did fit in the seat better. I have a ways to go to feel completely comfortable crammed in next to strangers, but it was improved.

Second, I've been noticing for awhile now that I seem to be able moderate my own temps better.

And finally, the most exciting thing I noticed that I had the energy and general well-being to walk around the airport like a real person, not like a prisoner on a chain.

It shows me how poor my health had become and I hadn't really noticed the full decent I had fallen.

Today I stood up on the sky link tram ride, walked comfortably through the terminal despite the 50 pound computer they assigned to me at work. 🙂

I even walked extra steps because it felt good to get the circulation going after being penned up on a plane.

I'm grateful God made a way for me to get better. Today was a good measure of how much better I actually am.

Praise God!

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