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Lent 2016: February 26, Day 17 -Little Girls

My best friend has three children who have become our nephew and nieces. We love them. Just by happenstance we've had more one-on-one time with the boy, so this weekend was the chance to just hang out with the girls.

Now, because of their personalities and circumstances, the two girls are both strong-willed and dominant- so they can become unstoppable force meeting immovable object. So I was a little anxious about how our time together would go. As it turns out, it was a delight. They desperately wanted to go to the dinner buffet restaurant, which I happen to have loved as a child- so I get it. And I took them.

They were funny to listen to, charming, and on their best behavior. Then we ran errands and came home to play.

I have to admit, it was nice to help a child make good decisions and provide love and guidance. It's enough to make me want my own little girl or little boy to raise.

But then...

I remember that I like naps on weekends; I live in fear for the safety of my grown husband and cat- let alone a little person. Not to mention that I can't even feed myself in a healthy manner.

So I'm grateful to my friend's little girls because I get to be an aunt and then I get to send them home.

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  1. Christine

    I wanted to just put a simple smiley face, but your blog keeps rejecting me saying my comment is too short. So there. 🙂


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