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Lent 2016: February 28, Day 19 -Missing Post

Well, I blew it. I forgot to post yesterday for my Lent blog commitment.

We had our nieces out the night before and we spent a chunk of the day at a pinewood derby for our nephew. By the time we ran errands and made it home, we were both pretty tired and we vegged out in front of the TV, watching one and a half Tom Clancy movies, since I've been making my way back through his novels lately. Then we went to bed really early, exhausted.

It does confirm for me how TV can suck away your time and productivity, even to the point of completely blocking out previous commitments.

It is also a good opportunity for me to publicly practice the forgiveness I discussed on February 21. I made a commitment to God to blog each day of the Lenten season, with a focus on gratitude; and I missed a day. For that I confess my sin of letting other priorities get in the way of a commitment I made to God. Because of the sacrifice of Jesus, I know I am forgiving- if I accept it. Which I do.

One final point, the forgiveness was all from God, but I went ahead and completed this belated post, not to earn forgiveness- it can't be earned, only accepted from Jesus' work already done. I posted anyway because I made a commitment and was doing the best I could to follow through, as a good steward.

That may sound like semantics to others, but it is important for me because it helps me clarify my intentions. I never want to think I can add something above the work that Jesus has already done; but I also never want to use Jesus' sacrifice as an excuse to skip doing something that is mine to do.

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