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January 8, 2020

Writers write. And I've wanted to be a writer. Until I realized that I was a my job. It's often more technical writing than I would have imagined; but I also, often, get a chance it write really great curriculum as part of my product development team at work.

And I journal, filling many notebooks for daily quiet time, church serves, and other events. For awhile now, my daily quiet time entries have grown longer and longer and with more of my own paraphrase and commentary. I figured it was time to transition to turning that journal into this blog- where I really want to do my writing.

So starting today, we dive back into Paloma Inc. (Thank you, Patrick!) And, of course, Thank God!!

Back in the saddle!

You know this ain't love
No, this ain't love
(What is it then?) It's desperation

Eminem, Desperation (featuring Jamie N Commons), The Marshall Mathers LP2

Now that I'm writing again outside of work, I find my reading tastes are, once again, leaning more literary and less 'brain candy'.

Yesterday, I started a memoir by one of my favorite authors, Richard Russo. At three a.m. this morning I made myself put it down; and then devoured the rest when I woke up. The U.S. release of the book is titled Elsewhere. ...continue reading "Elsewhere, by Richard Russo – Review and Personal Reflection"

Writer's Roots

I have had a life-long relationship with writing, that has been by turns euphoric, heart-breaking, tedious, enlightening, discouraging, and profitable- but continually unexpected. ...continue reading "So You Wanna Be a Writer…"


I am one of many Americans that would pay good money if I could be guaranteed that I never again had to hear a song from the movie Frozen. Or Everything is Awesome from the Lego Movie. I've heard comedians make similar jokes about the songs from The Lion King.

And then I remember ET from my own childhood. You know, The Extra-Terrestrial? Reese's Pieces? Phone home, any one? The adults mocked us for our tears and devotion to the little creature, but I was profoundly moved by his journey. ...continue reading "What’s your most beloved childhood story?"