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Guard dog and guard dad 2

I had a harrowing event occur on my way home tonight and it led to an unexpected memory. I was running late, anxious to get home, and headed down the last mile of our dirt road. As I rounded the last bend, I saw two dogs in the road- one big, one little. Neither moved; and as I was going too fast (as usual), it took some effort to get slowed down.

Meanwhile the dogs weren't moving- at all.

Then I realize it is one big dog and one very little person, a toddler- leaning on his riding toy like an elderly person using a walker. ...continue reading "Unznheimer Ike of Willow Creek"

You know this ain't love
No, this ain't love
(What is it then?) It's desperation

Eminem, Desperation (featuring Jamie N Commons), The Marshall Mathers LP2

Now that I'm writing again outside of work, I find my reading tastes are, once again, leaning more literary and less 'brain candy'.

Yesterday, I started a memoir by one of my favorite authors, Richard Russo. At three a.m. this morning I made myself put it down; and then devoured the rest when I woke up. The U.S. release of the book is titled Elsewhere. ...continue reading "Elsewhere, by Richard Russo – Review and Personal Reflection"


I am one of many Americans that would pay good money if I could be guaranteed that I never again had to hear a song from the movie Frozen. Or Everything is Awesome from the Lego Movie. I've heard comedians make similar jokes about the songs from The Lion King.

And then I remember ET from my own childhood. You know, The Extra-Terrestrial? Reese's Pieces? Phone home, any one? The adults mocked us for our tears and devotion to the little creature, but I was profoundly moved by his journey. ...continue reading "What’s your most beloved childhood story?"