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Bible Reading Plan?

When I started reading through the Old testament this time, There was a section in the front matter of the Ryrie Study Bible that listed the books that occurred at similar time periods. That made me want to read the books of the Bible in chronological order. So far, all that has meant is that I read Job after Genesis.

But now I have come to a fork in the road. so far, everything has been a story, first of creation and soon of the life of the people of Abraham through David. If I read on is it is currently ordered the story will continue in order as we move on to Solomon; however, I will have to backtrack between the various people with future books.

I guess I had assumed I could read whole books in an order; but it's not that simple. I printed a reading guide, but it's not simple either. I have a friend who has a chronological bible, and I am considering that, but found a piece on line that expressed the idea that it was wrong to read out of order- which seems like the logic falls down pretty fast if you consider all of the cross-references in the Bible and the fact that many Christian messages, books, and other material is a combination of ideas from the Bible. Still it gave me pause.

I think I will remember better if I can keep events in my head in order. I think something will be lost if I'm reaching back months of reading to try and remember what was going on in that portion of the story. I guess I will start with the Blue Letter Bible chronological reading guide until I can see a chronological bible and get a feel for it.

That leaves me at the intro to I Chronicles.

I'll also try folding in the Psalms that go with each section and see if I can grow to love them more.

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