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Chronological Bible

When I started reading the Bible from the beginning, this time I wanted to read it chronologically. I honestly don't know the order of major events in the Bible because I cannot totally track the order--having been in churches where the preaching was topical and not verse by verse. I knew it would be easier for my brain to better recall events that go together, if I learned about them in order.

In the front of my Ryrie Study bible is a list of which books coincide by timeframe, so I planned to use that to guide my chronological journey. And that worked for a time. But it's gotten pretty muddy now.

A friend had a chronological bible and that seems to be the better solution. So, my husband bought me one for my birthday last week. It would have been a clearer start to have it before now; but I'm jumping in at I Chronicles 22, which also coincides with Psalm 30.

The translation of the new chronological bible is NIV, which I think is great for a more simple wording and flow; but not as literally translated as the NASB or the NKJV, which is what I have been using. So, I still plan to do reading from my NASB as well as the chronological bible.

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