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Song of Solomon 3-4

It's been a few weeks since I blogged. I miss it. Whenever I'm in or leading a bible study that requires a substantial time commitment; that becomes my daily quiet time. But my current study is wrapping up and I have the day off! So I'm diving back in to Song of Solomon.

Chapter 3

In verses 1-4 the bride-to-be is dreaming of her beloved and cannot find him. She imagines (I presume she is just dreaming) that she is running around the city looking for him. Even running into the night guard patrol.

The author, once again, admonishing the reader to "not arouse or awaken love until it so desires." My NASB has the husband saying that; while my NIV has that all attributed to the woman.

Further evidence that falling in love makes you crazy. The brain scans of someone newly in love is similar to those with mental issues. It really does haunt your dreams and incline you to erratic behavior.

Verses 6-10 describe Solomon rolling up in his carriage with an entourage of 60 warrior and the crown given by his mother for his wedding.

Chapter 4

Solomon greets her by telling her how beautiful he is. He compliments her eyes behind the veil and then tells her her hair is like a flock of goats descending the hills of Gilead. I'm assuming something is lost in the cultural translation.

Oh my. Your teeth are like shorn and washed sheep.

He then describes her lips, temples, neck, breasts, and such. None but the lips sounds complimentary; but I'm sure at the time it was lovely and poetic.

He calls to her to come down from the mountains. I wonder if this part is the allegory of Christ.

He then gives her several more compliments-her jewels, her various fragrances, and such. Then a long description of her being a closed up garden, which seems to refer to her virginity.

She the asks the wind to blow on her garden and spread her fragrance. She asks her beloved to come into her garden.

In Chapter 5:1a He comes into the garden and eats and drinks.

Then in the second half of that verse God speaks and blesses the union.

I'm a little surprised that I'm not enjoying this book. I thought I would. I'm all about love and romance and such. And I love scripture. But, so far, I haven't been able to engage with it like other scripture. Maybe my impression of Solomon colors it. But it seems to come down to her being young and hot. That's fine. Makes perfect sense; but seems too superficial.

I know I have to be missing God's message here and I feel bad.

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