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Elohim, God of creators

In October, my husband and I went "back to church". We started attending a new church, Rocky Mountain Calvary, which had been introduced to us through friends years ago.

I am now in a women's bible study which is studying the names of God, using Kay Author's book, Lord, I Want to Know You.

Today's reading was on the Name Elohim. God is the God of gods; and God is Creator.  After examining God as the Creator of all things, we examined Him as the creator of ourselves. Very moving moment to think about God-- not only thinking about lil' ole' me, but weaving me together in my biological mother's womb for His name's sake. He is still creating today, new humans, in His image, for His name's sake.

In the book, the author points out that we are made for two things:

  • God's glory (reflecting to the world an accurate picture of who God is)
  • God's will (His purpose for me)

We have our nephew at our house this weekend to work on a Boy Scout project and I was staring at a floor covered in Lego's while I was reading my Bible study book. It made me think about how much time my nephew and nieces spend creating things with their Lego's. And this is no passing phase. They range in age from six to eleven and they all play Lego's for hours and have done that for years.

They love to create. It makes sense, since we are made in God's image, we have some of his attributes (in a worldly form).

At that age, I loved to play with Barbies and "write" their stories, so I briefly considered if this creator attribute was just an attribute of children; but the more I thought about it, the more categories of creation came to mind. It's in our blood and we do it throughout our lives: Lego's and Barbies, music, art, stories, buildings, landscaping, crafts, cooking, ships in bottles, and pictures in the clouds floating by. We have a mind that creates, and a body that wants to express its creation.

Praise be to Elohim for letting us know Him just a little better when we see our reflection as made after His own image.

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