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I Chronicles 16: 8

On the day of bringing the Ark of God to the tent in Jerusalem, David assigned the ministers and worshipers, as well as Asaph to write this song of praise.

  • Give thanks
  • call upon His name
  • make known His deeds
  • Sing
  • Speak of His wonders
  • Seek His Face
  • remember His deeds
  • Remember His covenant
  • Proclaim good tidings of His salvation
  • Praise Him
  • Fear Him above all other Gods
  • Ascribe to the Lord the Glory due His Name, glory and strength
  • Bring and offering
  • Worship
  • Tremble before Him
  • Give thanks to thy Holy Name

"Then all the people said 'Amen', and praised the Lord."

Then David left Asaph and his relative to minister before the Ark of the Covenant, as well as the other gatekeepers and worshipers. And now the offers could recommence as was written in the law.

This all seems to go a long way towards bringing order and law under God back to the people. To remind them and reestablish order in God's name. Attempting to undo having everyone do what is right in their own eyes from the period of the judges.

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