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I Chronicles 16: 1-7


David made a tent; they brought in the Ark of God and made burnt and peace offerings. Then he blessed the people in the name of the Lord. He gave every man and woman bread, meat , and raisin cakes. then they celebrated and praised the Lord.

These events confirm my theory that David had two purposes in bringing the Ark. Both to honor God and bring His Ark to the City of David; but also to draw the people closer to God through a strong symbol and associating God with provision.

These people were only a few years out of the judges period, the length of Saul's reign. So, many of these people were still, likely, alive during the period of the judges, when men did what was right in their own eyes. Or a single generation out.

I feel like David, likely with the leading of the Lord, is almost having to retrain these people to remember who they are. Remember who God is. Remember who they are as a people, as a nation. It has to center around the Lord- and His holy Ark is a great symbol for doing that.

Come to think of it, that's what Ezra is doing right now, in his writing of I Chronicles. No wonder he stops and camps on David's life- it's the same thing Ezra's people are doing-rebuilding their holy nation before the Lord. David is giving them a blueprint.

Verses 4-7 explain who David assigned (from the Levites) to minister and lead the celebration.

Verses 8-36 is a song and prayer to God, assigned by David to Asaph and his relatives to give thanks. I'll review that separately.

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