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I Chronicles 26: 1-19 The Temple Gatekeepers

In this section of the I Chronicles, David is making extensive arrangements for the building of God's Temple under Solomon.

He has seen to the collection of materials and labor and now he has been organizing those who will serve in the Temple, with guidance from the Lord. He has organized the Levites, the priests, and the musicians and now he is seeing to the Gatekeepers.

This chapter is a very straight forward listing of the divisions of the gatekeepers, who were descendants of Korah and Merari.

First, the author established the ancestral line. Verses 1-9 are the sons Meshelemiah, a grandson of Asaph (A son of Korah, or Korahite.) Verse 10 includes the Merari sons, or Merarites.

These families cast lots for their roles and locations of service. All lots were equal, young and old sons. A few names were noted as particularly wise or able in their abilities. Then the author lists how many gatekeepers should be attending to each assignment per day.

The NIV Chronological Bible I'm now reading next includes some Psalms related to the Sons of Korah, so I will be reading those before Chapter 27.

I don't see anything particularly profound in today's reading except the fact that the Sons of Korah are from the same bloodline and story from the family that the earth swallowed up whole when they tried to rebel against Moses. (Numbers 16)

Family and history are important; but ultimately, God has no grandchildren. We are all children of God and He deals with us as individuals. The remaining family of Korah that survived went on to develop such a name and reputation for trust, that they were included in the group the became the Gatekeepers for the temple of God. Amen.

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