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Intro to Song of Solomon

Before starting chapter one, a few background basics.

From the Ryrie Study Bible

Author: Solomon

(Solomon is identified as the author, although that could also be read, "concerning Solomon". However, Ryrie seems to think is is most probably Solomon.

Date: 965 b.c.

Title: Also known as the Song of Songs.

Other background info.

  • lyrical poem in dialogue form
  • Some think it's just an allegory to express the love of God
  • More commonly, think it is a historical story of Solomon's romance with the Shulammite girl, one of or his only true love.

From the NIV Chronological Bible

  • Some think it actually a 3 way conversation, to include Solomon talking to the beloved and the Shulammite girl
  • They also mention the allegory to God's love as a possible interpretation.

This introduction also mentions that Solomon may not be the author. It could either be able an "ideal Solomon" or "written in the manner of Solomon."

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