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Lent 2016: March 25, Day 45- NYC, Day 3

Well, technically, I think Lent ended last night.  Now it is Good Friday.

This has to be one of my favorite Lenten seasons. I think God knew how many areas of my life I was cutting things out, adding something at Lent would have more impact than subtracting at this point of my life.

It's been a challenge at times and I'm sure some of my quick posts were token at best - but it was also a lot of fun and more than once I sat down thinking I had nothing to share that day, only to end up pouring out some thought that I had in passing, but hadn't taken the time to explore.

I seem to walk a thin line between being introverted in some circumstances and extroverted in others. But i've decided in the last few years that I am primarily an introvert. This blog seems one more piece of evidence toward that.

This may be the end of the Lenten blog, but I suspect it's the beginning of my use of the blog for ongoing personal reflection.

Happy Resurrection Sunday, everyone.

He is Risen Indeed.

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