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Two weeks ago I wrote an article detailing the night I broke my back in a fall from my school's roof. An odd thing happened one week later. A crew of window cleaners were suspended by ropes outside my office window and one of them fell 50 feet to the ground. ...continue reading "Three Things I Learned from Being in an Emergency"


“If you were to rush into this room right now
and announce that you had struck a deal
with God, Allah, Buddha, Christ, Krishna, Bill Gates, whomever–in which the ten years since my diagnosis could be magically taken away, in for ten more years as the person I was before–
I would, without a moment's hesitation, tell you to take a hike.”
Michael J. Fox, Lucky Man: A Memoir

We all wear multiple titles under our name: what we do for a living, who we are in our family and among our friends, our hobbies, accomplishments, and many other factors. In 1999, I gained two new and unwelcome monikers—“the teacher who fell off the roof of the school” and “incomplete paraplegic”. ...continue reading "Legend of My Fall"