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II Samuel 14

So, Joab decided to intervene with David concerning the exile of Absalom.

In my mind, Joab must have seen how effective Nathan had been at using a story to make a point to the king. So Joab sent for a wise woman and gave her a sob story to tell to Kind David.

She told a story about losing her husband, then her two boys fought, one killing the other, and now her family wants to slay the second son for the murder, leaving her without and heir.

David tries to put her off, but she persists. Pretty soon David asks if Joab had put her up to this and she says yes. However, she pushes the point that even though Absalom is the one who murdered the heir appearant, he is the next in line and Israel needs a king after David.

David concedes to Joab and sends him to go get Absalom. Joab falls on his face in gratitude, which struck me as odd. Then he ran off and got Absalom and brought him back to Jerusalem.

When he arrives, David sends Absalom to his own house and doesn't see him face to face.

Then there is a lengthy description about how beautiful and physically perfect Absalom is. It even mentions that his hair is so thick and heavy, he cuts it once a year and it weights 3-4 pounds! It also mentions that he has three sons and a daughter named Tamar (his sister's name).

He sits there for two years and never sees the King, his father David.

So he sends for Joab, but Joab doesn't come. He sends for him again and he does not come, So he sets a portion of Joab's field on fire and Joab shows up.

Absalom asks Joab to go find out why David sent for him if he isn't going to see him? He could have stayed with his maternal grandparents, who were royalty in their land.

So Joab goes with the message.

David sends for Absalom.

Absalom comes and prostrates himself before his King.

The King kisses Absalom.

The Ryrie Study Bible footnote says the verse 33 (where David kisses Absalom) restores Absalom to full court privileges.

I feel like I should be more moved by this chapter; but I (honestly) just feel bad for Tamar. this all started by her being violated and then events moved on, never to make her whole. If Amnon had been dealt with via God's law, none of the other events would have occurred. I have to trust God that He used the events to further His purpose and He loves Tamar and met her needs according to His wisdom and glory.

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