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Introduction to I Kings

My attempts to read the Bible, thus far, have not gone perfectly. I'm trying to keep things together so that the kings and prophets all get filed with their historical events in my brain. But from now on, the books have a range of people and events. So I jumped to I Chronicles to wrap up David before I moved on to Solomon. So now I am coming back to pick up I Kings...the adventure continues.

Ryrie Study Bible Intro to I Kings

  • Author: Jeremiah (according to Jewish tradition)
  • Date: 550 BC
  • Topic: The history of the kings of Judah and Israel from Solomon to the Babylonian captivity
  • Theme: The king (and so goes the people) will have success in proportion to their allegiance to THE KING, via God's law.

Wiersbe Commentary (Be Responsible) Intro to I Kings

Ken Baugh in the Wiersbe intro calls I Kings "...a case study on the effects of pride." And says that the big idea that runs throughout is "watch out for the pride of life."

Baugh contrasts David and Solomon as David starting out as a young shepherd boy and knowing from the start everything he did was of the Lord. But Solomon was born into wealth and privilege, which can easily lead to arrogance because you can never have that humble, lowly perspective.

All kings of Israel were to write out a copy of Deuteronomy by hand, carry it with them and read it everyday. they were to know and obey God's law. And it was supposed to keep them humble, so they would see that they were to lead God's people without being above God's people.

We all have character flaws, just like Solomon did. But Solomon indulged his, rather than submitting himself to God's law and recognizing himself as being lower than and under God.

NIV Chronological Study Bible Intro to I Kings

The Commentary author points out that the I King author judges the various kings based on the laws in Deuteronomy.

They estimate Solomon's reign began approximately 970 BC.

My study of it begins approximately tomorrow.

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