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Lent 2016: February 13, Day 4 -Valentine Gratitude

Valentine's Day came early for Clan Connor...

It's been a weird few weeks around here and a rough week this week especially. So, we decided to take the day and head out on one of our adventures. We have a long history of selecting something to shop for and set out to bag our game.

Today we made the rounds to new vape shops and tried many, many new juices. Then we ran errands and ended up arriving at Carrabbas for a most amazing dinner!

I am constantly overwhelmed with gratitude when I remember that I have been blessed with a husband who is my Valentine all year long. We do a good job of caring for one another's feelings, showing one another love, and putting each other first when the other has a greater need.

After many years of having Valentine's Day highlight my loneliness and hurt, it is amazing to find myself comfortably settled into domestic bliss with my best friend, partner, lover, and year-round Valentine.

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