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Pinewood Derby 2017

Joe's Boy Scout pack held their annual Pinewood Derby races this past weekend. But for Patrick and Joe, the fun started all the way back in mid-November when we made our annual sojourn to Larry and Dede Mayfield's house for assistance getting the car's shape just right. This year, Joe transformed the standard block of wood into a knight, straight off of the chess board.

Next, Joe and Patrick worked math magic and placed weights in just the right places to give the knight speed in battle. Next came the paint and final touches. The Black Knight was born.

Even I got to get in on the action. Patrick wasn't feeling well the night of "weigh-ins", so I got to escort Joe for the official inspection. We received an "All Pass" and weighed in at 4.99 ounces (5.0 is the max!)

Patrick predicted a fast car and he was right.

Joe won four first place heats and a second place heat- making him the clear first place winner in his den and onto the regional competition in May.

Good job, boys!


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