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Psalm 30

Wiersbe and my chronological bible both place Psalm 30 following I Chronicles 30. In the biblical description before the Psalm (biblical meaning from the text, not added by publishers later), It states that this is "A Psalm. A song. For the dedication of the Temple, Of David". Even though the templace wasn't started in David's lifetime, he had the faith to write this knowing that day would come.

It starts off very personal. He is discussing his own dire circumstances and God's salvation. That's odd on its surface. Why is he including himself in this temple dedication. But it was very personal. David and the preparing and building of God's Temple are inextricably interconnected and the circumstances leading up to the purchase of the land (David's census) is undeniably tied together.

Then he tells his people to praise the Lord.

And then he tells them why they should praise the Lord, using himself as an example.

  • His anger lasts a moment; but His favor a lifetime
  • there may be weeping; but joy comes in the morning
  • When you are right with God, nothing can shake you; but when He is displeased you'll be dismayed.
  • You can cry for mercy and He hears and offers mercy
  • He can turn wailing into dancing; sackcloth for joy.

David ends by announcing that he will praise God forever.

Psalm 30 Wiersbe

It's important to keep the context in mind. 70,000 people DIED because of David's census sin. That's staggering. He was reeling and terrified. He wanted the consequences to come on his own house to save his people. And then God had mercy and actually used the moment to begin giving David the desire of his heart- the Temple for God.

It's such an important lesson to remember. Joy comes in the morning. He can take ashes and make things beautiful again. Amazing grace. How sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me. God's mercies are new every morning.

Wiresbe points to John 16:20-22 to point out that God does not replace sorrow with joy, He transforms sorrow into joy. That's profound. I think I need to meditate on that for just what that actually means in my life.

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