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II Chronicles 27 (Judah)

I have been on a long journey through the Old Testament, having just completed Amos and his visions and messages for Israel's final days. Now, according to the Blue Letter Bible chronological reading guide, I'm heading back, briefly, to the Chronicles before heading to Isaiah and Micah.


Previously, in II Chronicles, Chapter 26 covered the incredible life of Uzziah in Judah. Both the rise and fall. After our journey through Israel with Amos, we're back in Jerusalem and Judah with the son of Uzziah. Just a reminder that Uzziuah's son, Jotham, was a co-regent for the last years of Uzziah's life because Uzziah had leprosy that he earned by charging into the holy place at the temple and trying to take the role of priest and king.

Jotham was 25 when his reign began and he ruled 16 years.

He followed in his father's footsteps in a good way, without the horrific mistake of entering the temple.

The people continued to act corruptly. Jotham, like many before him, did not stop the worship of idols and on the high places.

But because he walked righteous before the Lord, the Lord prospered him. He built walls and cities and won battled that lead to tribute and even more prosperity.

He became mighty because he ordered his ways before the Lord his God.

II Chronicles 27:6 NASB

The MacArthur Bible Commentary reminds of the prophets that minister in the time of Jotham:

  • Isaiah (who we return to in my next post)
  • Hosea (coming soon)
  • Micah (coming soon)

MacArthur also theorizes that Jotham's reign ended when a pro-Assyrian group ascended Jotham's son, Ahaz became the real ruler, with Jotham as a co-regent.

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