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Of the Sons of Korah (Psalm 47)

Continuing through the bible chronologically and working through the Psalms aligned with I Chronicles and the assigned gatekeepers, the Sons of Korah. This is the second of three Psalms (46-48) that is supposed to have written by King Hezekiah.

Psalm 47 (NIV Chronological)

  • For the Director of Music
  • Of the Sons of Korah
  • A psalm

This is a short and happy psalm. Crying out in praise, lifting up the name of God.

"Clap your hands, all you nations; shout to God with cries of joy. For the Lord Most High is awesome." Sound familiar?

Clap your hand all you nations, shout to God all creation, how awesome is the Lord Most High.

The author celebrates the military victories from God, as well as their inheritance.

Then there is a repeated exhortation to sing praises!

The final verses proclaim Him over the world's leaders.

It's an encouraging, lovely Psalm.

Psalm 47 (NASB Ryrie Study Bible)

Oh. In verse 2 where the NIV chose the word awesome; NASB translates it as, "to be feared". It makes sense, but sure is a different connotation.

Both versions note that He loved Jacob. It never ceases to amaze me that God really loved these very flawed men. And He loves me. It's so hard to get my mind around that. I've been camped out trying to sort out God's love for me so I can, then, turn around and give it away- as instructed.

It's funny to take a concept, such as love, for granted. Then wake up one day and it sounds like a unknown word in a foreign tongue.

The rest of the Psalm is about God ascension to the throne of the world. Something less obvious in the NIV. This is speaking of the Christ and His reign over all of the earth. He owes all of the authority on the earth. Amen.

Psalm 47 (Wiersbe Commentary)

According to Wiersbe, this psalm makes three assertions about God to the surrounding gentiles:

  • Our God is an awesome God. With shouts of praise, clapping hands, and enthusiastic worship.
  • Our God is a triumphant King.
  • Our God is the King of Kings- the defeat of the Assyrians was a sign or model of God defeated all of the world's enemies and ruling over all the nations.

The King over all of the earth loves me with a covenant love.

The KING over ALL of the earth LOVES ME with a covenant love.

How can you not praise Him!! Hallelujah! Amen.

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