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While I was waiting for a commentary to arrive, I took a detour back to Ecclesiastes and now I am going to read Song of Solomon before continuing my chronological read of the Old Testament.

The Blue Letter Bible chronological suggested order has II Chronicles chapter 1 and Psalm 72 adjacent to this book, so I am going to read those first, by way of reorienting to Solomon's timeframe.

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I have two posts in which I comment on each stanza as I read Psalm 119, now I'll take a second look via the NIV Chronological Bible side notes and my Wiersbe Commentary.

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At the end of the united monarchy of Israel, I am detouring the story to read some of David and Solomon's other books. I am reading the psalms by theme ion order to be able to place them in context and add more meaning. First up are the wisdom psalms and today is Psalm 91.

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As the united monarchy of Israel is ending, following the lives of David and Solomon, I am taking a detour to look at their other books in the Bible, starting with the Psalms.

In an attempt to try and keep some sort of context, and hopefully be able to draw more meaning and application, I will be looking at them in batches, organized in my chronological bible, then cross referenced with my NASB translation and supplemented by my Wiersbe commentary.

First up, Psalm 1 and the Wisdom Psalms.

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This is the final psalm in the Sons of Korah collection in the NIV Chronological Bible. We were in I Chronicles and David was assigning the Levitical families as gatekeepers to the Temple. The Sons of Korah were one of those two families.

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I was working through the bible chronologically. In I Chronicles 26 the chronological bible takes a pause to include all of the Psalms of the Sons of Korah, as they were one of two families assigned as gatekeepers to the temple. There were several Sons of Korah psalms from "Book II" of the Psalms and remaining are three more from "Book III" of the Psalms. The first of these is Psalm 84.

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