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Psalm 87 (Sons of Korah)

This is the final psalm in the Sons of Korah collection in the NIV Chronological Bible. We were in I Chronicles and David was assigning the Levitical families as gatekeepers to the Temple. The Sons of Korah were one of those two families.

This is a psalm and a song.

Ok. I'm lost. This does not have an obvious meaning to me. I'm moving to the NASB to see if it's more clear.

Well...I didn't fare much better. It sounds like an ode to Jerusalem and Zion and the gates of Zion and those who are born of Zion.

I guess I'll see what light Wiersbe can shed on it.

So God founded Jerusalem (the Gates of Zion) and Mt Zion. This was the capital from which salvation came and which Salvation will be fulfilled.

Abraham was promised people as many as the sands in the desert; but a heavenly family as many as starts n the sky (our church). So our citizenship is with God from His heavenly Zion. We will be citizen by birth (our reborn in Him. Not just knowing of Him, but being in a relationship with Him.

Israel's enemies, such as Egypt, Babylon, Tyre, etc. will also become citizens in Christ's fullness of time. We will all live together, sing, rejoice, and worship together as citizens.

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