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I Chronicles 11:10-12:40

David's Mighty Men

Chapter 11:10-47

This section is a catalog of David's Mighty Men, Also listed at the end of II Samuel.

Again he lists the deeds of several of them and then ends with a long list.

Uriah is listed.

Joab is only listed as the brother of other mighty men.

Chapter 12

Next he lists some men from the tribe of Benjamin (Saul's tribe) that fought for David in war. They were gifted in using both arms for weapons. Some were in the 30 Mighty Men and some were above that number.

Next he lists mighty men from Gad who joined David. Also complimenting their war skills and ways.

Then he describes a band of men from Benjamin and Judah who came to David's stronghold and he offered them a place, as long as they did not betray him. And then he told them, under those circumstances, that the Lord would decide between them.

The the Holy Spirit overcame one of the men and he said a pledge to David on their behalf.

David made them captains.

Then Ezra describes those from the tribe of Manasseh who defected to David against Saul.

Verse 22 summarizes this flow of men from Saul's Army to David's, "For day by day men came to David to help him, until there was a great army, like the Army of God.

Then he lists the number of men from various tribes who came to David at Hebron to make him king over all of Israel. Every tribe sent warriors.

Most of Benjamin's tribe stayed loyal to the house of Saul.

Zebulun and Dan are accounted for here, even though we don't get their genealogy earlier in the book.

In verse 38, he states that these men had a perfect heart in commitment to David, and "...all the rest of Israel were of one mind to make David king."

Ryrie estimates about 350,000 men listed from the tribes to make up David's unified army.

They spent three days eating and drinking to celebrate. Everyone brought food and goods for the feast and, "There was joy indeed in Israel."


I don't really have any strong conclusions from these chapters. To me, Ezra is trying to educate and unify the nation's remnant after the exile and he chose topics that would meet that goal. This seen, this unified army for the coronation of David is a great example for him to use. All the tribes happily supporting the king whom the Lord chose for them.

It makes a little sad how short-lived that unity was...but again, Ezra was trying to pump up the people with tales of the mighty men from every tribe. This was not the time for the grim counterpoints.

It shows what God can do. We're re-opening our church after the COVID-19 crisis and they are adding a second service and some other groups. On paper, it's hard to imagine where we'll get enough workers to cover it all. But if it is God's will, as David's accession was, the troops will arrive happily.

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