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I Chronicles 17: 16-27 Davidic Covenant

In the first half of Chapter 17, God establishes the Davidic Covenant with David via Nathan. This portion is covered in depth in another post. Following in David's response.

Nathan finishes speaking in verse 15 and verse 16 David goes and sits before the Lord- In wonder of being selected for such an amazing, eternal blessing. "Who am I, O Lord God...?"He's dumbfounded and in awe of being chosen. Such a humble response. Although it doesn't always stick, this kind of humility must be part of what God knew about David's heart that He would select him.

  • Then David reiterates what God has promised him.
  • Then David begins to praise the Lord. "O, Lord, there is none like Thee..."
  • Then he brings Israel into the mix. That God chose them and saved them and made them like no other.
  • Finally, in verse 23, David actively agrees to the Covenant.

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