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II Samuel 23

The Last Words of David Verses 1-7

I fear something was lost in translation.

It sort of seems like the first verse is just various names for himself. One name is the man who was raised on high. I'm sure I'm reading too much in, but is that also a reference to Jesus somehow?

Verses 2-3 seems to be variations of the name of God. David says God spoke to him and through him.

Then David goes on to say (I think) that his dynasty is just starting because of the covenant with God. God has saved him and he trust God to grow his dynasty.

Then he talks about bad men being destroyed.

David's Mighty Men v. 8-39

As part of David's final words, he commemorates the achievements of 37 of his finest men and their accomplishments.

These men helped David to become King.

But after each accomplishment, he reminds the audience that the LORD brought about their victory. God wants us to do our job. And to do it well. And into that effort, He only can bring the victory.

Tough to see Uriah the Hittite on the list.

It occurred to me this morning that Joab wasn't on the list. I think the thought crossed my mind while I was reading; but I wasn't able to capture it. Even Abishai, Joab's brother made the cut. And was labeled the most honored of the thirty- to be made their commander. That's really interesting to me. Joab was a fascinating character and did some amazing things for David; but he also did some awful things. I wonder if he isn't listed for the exact reason I discussed above. David couldn't follow his accomplishments with "and the Lord brought about great victory". Much like the Narnian trolls, Joab seems to have always been for Joab. Often his intentions even seemed good. But they often didn't end in good results; because he wasn't submitted to his king or his king's Lord.

Or maybe there is a completely benign reason. Maybe he just wasn't part of that team. A General, not Seal Team Six...or something. However, it just seems like someone so prominent in David's life, having won so many victories for him, he would have warranted a nod.

I'll be curious to see if Wiersbe mentions it.

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