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II Samuel 22 (Wiersbe)

David's Song

Almost identical to Psalm 18. David adapted his own song for corporate worship.

David went through so very long, dark seasons; and yet he had so much to praise the Lord for.

Verses 1-19

David was very specific in his praise to the Lord.

Saul was not counted among his enemies.

Wiersbe infers that it was written after he was made king, after his covenant with God; but before his adultery and murder, as he can no longer claim to be righteous and blameless.

Wiersbe identifies "Deliver" as the theme of the song.

God was his:

  • Rock
  • Shield
  • Deliverer
  • Fortress
  • Thunderstorm
  • Earthquake
  • lightening, fire, and smoke
  • He came down
  • He reached down.

Verses 20-28

Powerful thought from Wiersbe:

"The character of God and the covenant of God are the foundations of the promises of God. If we ignore His character and covenant, we will never be successful in claiming His promises."

Verses 29-51


  • Enlightened David
  • Empowered David
  • Enlarged David
  • Enthroned David
  • Exalted David
  • Elected David

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