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II Samuel 22

The Song of David

Almost identical to Psalm 18, this is David's song after being delivered from his enemies and King Saul. I'm not clear if this is upon Saul's death, or after the grieving process in which he wrote a nice song about Saul?

He praises the character of God that could save him. And he points out that he asked and was saved.He points out how severe the situation was and how close to death. Then reiterates that he cried out for deliverance and the Lord heard and shook the earth.

He paints a picture of God stirring up heaven and earth in a heated, noisy and fuming trip he came on angels wings and pulled David from the danger.

I love God's word and am grateful for all of it. But I have to admit that this image of God described here makes me uncomfortable. I'm sure I'm reading it wrong, but it seems like God is angry and out of control. But that's not possible. I had even written angry down in my description; but went back and couldn't find that word. And He cannot ever be out of control, so again, I read that in incorrectly. But for all we know this is the power and might He is always showing in the spiritual realm.

Whenever I have those uncomfortable thoughts I always just try to ignore it and rush past, because I don't want to offend God with negative thoughts about Him. But if He is my Abba Father, and he knows my heart that I'm not being disrespectful, but trying to understand His Word, I think I will get to know Him better. I think He is undoing lifelong "flinch" I acquired growing up in a super strict household. I learned to keep my own counsel and ended up being a pretty sneaky person. But if i trust the Lord as a Father who loves me and wants me to know Him, then I think there's room to explore a negative impression I get of Him. I'm more likely to sort out why and get to His holiness if I don't flinch and hide from it.

v. 18 David admits that his enemies were too strong for him and he couldn't have succeeded on his own.

v. 20-27 Why did God save him? Because God delighted in him and he was righteous and kept God's ordinances. He was blameless and without iniquity. He even goes on to say that God recompenses him for his righteousness.That's a bold statement. But should have acted as a huge warning. If God did all of that and you think you earned it from him; what will happen if you don't keep his ordinances and you commit adultery and murder? Seems like it might not go well for you, David.

David goes on to celebrate God and who God is, as well as what God has done for him.

There are some powerful phrases in the song that seemed to have inspired many New Testament text:

  • shield of salvation
  • tower of deliverance
  • girded me with strength for battle

I hope I can learn to see all that God does for me everyday and to celebrate it. I think I thank Him for some things; but not like this. this is a celebration of personal relationship with the Lord.

I think Psalms is up next in my chronological reading of the Bible. Maybe I'll learn more from that.

To God be the Glory.

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