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I Chronicles 14

God unified Israel under David. And David has been making inroads at repairing all the damage done during the time of the judges and Saul. He's made his first very poor attempt at moving the Ark of God and now we'll learn more about those early days of David's unified kingship.

This is a condensed version of chapter worth of information found in II Samuel.

King Hiram of Tyre builds an alliance with David by sending him many gifts, including the resources necessary to build David's home.

David realizes all that God has done for him for God's own name.

David collected many wives and had many children.

The Philistines decided they wanted David dead and went after him. David Asked God if he should fight and would God give him the victory. God said "Go up, for I will give them into your hands."

David defeated the Philistines; renamed the place to give God credit the victory, and burned the idols left behind by the defeated.

The Philistines try another raid. Again David inquired of God if he should go out to them. This time God says no and gives an alternate plan. Come up from behind, listen for my army in the trees, and they struck down the enemy.

Sometimes God says no because He has a better plan. And in His plan, He will gain the credit, not ourselves.

Now the other nations begin to hear of David and God makes them afraid.

It's amazing what a difference it makes when we pursue God before we make decisions and act.

I'm doing that right now in my personal life. I don't know how long it took God to answer David for these battles; but His answer is always on time. And we will wait until we hear from Him.

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