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Intro to the Prophets and Isaiah

As Israel and, eventually, Judah race toward oblivion for life as they've known it, the Kings and Chronicles give way to prophets who seem to be God's final effort to turn their trajectories toward His will and away from their idolatry and rebellion.

In my attempt to read chronologically, one of my reading plans says Amos is next and the other says Isaiah. So I have decided to start with Isaiah. Although I'll start Amos after Isaiah 8, and will keep checking in with the Kings and Chronicler.

Ryrie Study Bible Intro

  • The Author= Isaiah
  • The Dates= 740-680 B.C.


  • was born into a wealthy, influential family
  • grew up around royalty
  • gave advice on foreign affairs
  • warned against foreign alliance; instead encouraged Judah to trust the Lord
  • used the social ills to show that things were out of balance and needed fixing.
  • (tradition says) martyred by being sawed in half
  • there is controversy from those who think supernatural, predictive prophesy is not possible- so they say others added onto Isaiah's chapters after chapter 40 to explain the events coming to pass.
  • the Ryrie intro provides multiple strands of evidence that conclude one authorship- Isaiah.
  • Isaiah is often called the evangelical prophet because of his focus on the redemptive work of the Messiah.

Be Comforted, Warren Wiersbe (Isaiah Commentary)

  • The big idea: The Lord Saves! He had come and He is coming again.
  • Isaiah means "Salvation of the Lord"
  • Isaiah predicted 5 deliverances:
    • Judah's deliverance from Assyrian invasion
    • deliverance of the nation from Babylonian captivity
    • future deliverance of Jews from worldwide dispersion among gentiles
    • deliverance of lost sinners from judgement
    • final deliverance of creation from the bondage of sin
  • Isaiah was called to ministry the year Uzziah died, 739 bc
  • His kings were Jotham, Ahaz, and Hezekiah, being slain by Manasseh
  • His ministry spanned 50 years, from the death of Uzziah to the death of Hezekiah.
  • He was primarily concerned with Judah.
  • Interspersed hope with judgement.

The MacArthur Bible Commentary

  • Isaiah's name is similar to Joshua, Elisha, and Jesus.
  • Isiah is, by far, the most quoted OT prophet and named at least 20 of the 65 quotations.
  • He was a contemporary of Hosea and Micah.
  • progressive revelation= God's continued revelation throughout scripture. More information as time passes.

The NIV Chronological Study Bible

Yikes. This intro doesn't mention the Messiah, Jesus, salvation, deliverance, or anything except the exact historical context of each section. It presents the theory of multiple authors and does not support the prophetic, supernatural explanation.

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