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Short post today...

As one of the home maintenance things we've noticed lately, I noticed a crack forming in my closet rod. So for the last few weeks, I have intended to purge my closet. ...continue reading "Lent 2016: March 6, Day 26 -One Bite of Elephant"

I should be leaving
But I can't cut loose
I have my reasons for resistance
But I have no excuse
And I lose my composure
I could use some restraint
I never claimed to be a hero
And I never said I was a saint

She's such a temptation
It's driving me crazy
And it's my fascination
That's making me act this way
And I can just hear all my friends say
"Better watch out, you're losing your touch"
But she's such a temptation

...continue reading "Lent 2016: March 5, Day 25 -Temptation"

Somehow I missed an entire day of blogging and didn't notice until this afternoon.

As I alluded to in my March 3 blog, I have been feeling a little run down. ...continue reading "Lent 2016: March 5, Day 25 -Irons in the Fire, Part 2"

I have a lot of exciting things going on in my life right now, but sometimes even the good stuff can cause stress. ...continue reading "Lent 2016: March 3, Day 23 -Irons in the Fire"


I have been fighting a serious weight problem for years now. But three months ago, I was told that we were running out of “easy fixes”; ...continue reading "Lent 2016: March 1, Day 21 -Report Card Day"

I've seen this quote before, and saw it again today on Facebook.

Since I've been talking about forgiveness, I thought I'd share.

Refusing to forgive someone is like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die.


When we don't get what we deserve
That's a real good thing, a real good thing
When we get what we don't deserve
That's a real good thing, a real good thing

...continue reading "Lent 2016: February 28, Day 19 -Get What We Deserve"


My best friend has three children who have become our nephew and nieces. We love them. Just by happenstance we've had more one-on-one time with the boy, so this weekend was the chance to just hang out with the girls. ...continue reading "Lent 2016: February 26, Day 17 -Little Girls"