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Ryrie Study Bible

  • originally one book with II Chronicles
  • Mini Old testament from Adam to Cyrus' decree allowing Israel to return home from captivity
  • Ezra was likely the author
  • Written between 450-425 bc
  • As Exra led exiles back to Palestine, he wanted to lay a spiritual foundation and emphasized the key tenets of the faith, with heavy emphasis on David and the Davidic covenant.

When I started reading through the Old testament this time, There was a section in the front matter of the Ryrie Study Bible that listed the books that occurred at similar time periods. That made me want to read the books of the Bible in chronological order. So far, all that has meant is that I read Job after Genesis.

But now I have come to a fork in the road. so far, everything has been a story, first of creation and soon of the life of the people of Abraham through David. If I read on is it is currently ordered the story will continue in order as we move on to Solomon; however, I will have to backtrack between the various people with future books.

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In my work, I get to work on different projects each year. One of the projects I am working on this year is a digital game in which the player runs a business. It is replacing a predecessor that was notoriously buggy and it's off to an inauspicious beginning itself. We are beta testing (8 weeks behind schedule) and the math and game logic is deeply flawed. We've brought in a specialist to help fix the algorithms and logic and the more I hear in these meetings with the expert the more I understand just have flawed the math is.

The reason this work-related problem has made it to the blog is that the game is haunting me. Because this game is related to business and accounting, I have always been intimidated by it. I always felt that the project would have been better served by someone else sitting in my seat. Someone better skilled and gifted in these areas. But I have relied heavily on the experts to do the parts I cannot.

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When I first read verse 1 of chapter 24, I thought it was saying God incited David to take the census; but then it wouldn't be sin. Then I read that it was the anger of the Lord that David was responding to. Apparently, I Chronicles says it was satan who incited David. Now Wiersbe is saying the II Samuel does say it was God' but also satan by God inciting satan to incite David so that His will could be done.

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Well, I swear i wrote this post already, but it's gone now. So I will praise the Lord and start over. This is such a good chapter. It's worth doing twice.

Chapter 24 is the last of book and the last of the four final chapters that Ryrie describes as non-chronological appendices of scenes from Davids life. So it is not immediately obvious at what point in his reign this occurs.

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The Song of David

Almost identical to Psalm 18, this is David's song after being delivered from his enemies and King Saul. I'm not clear if this is upon Saul's death, or after the grieving process in which he wrote a nice song about Saul?

He praises the character of God that could save him. And he points out that he asked and was saved.He points out how severe the situation was and how close to death. Then reiterates that he cried out for deliverance and the Lord heard and shook the earth.

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The Gibeonites were the people in Canaan who tricked Joshua into making a treaty with them. They pretended to be from far out where the Lord didn't require complete extermination, so Joshua made a deal with them. In exchange they ended up being workers for Israel.

But this puts them in a position to expect protection from Israel, not attack.

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