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The Chronicles cover the same period as the Kings, so I'll be reading them alongside one another. Oddly, they are together in the chronological bible, so I'll be using the Wiersbe commentary: Be Responsible as my reading guide.

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My attempts to read the Bible, thus far, have not gone perfectly. I'm trying to keep things together so that the kings and prophets all get filed with their historical events in my brain. But from now on, the books have a range of people and events. So I jumped to I Chronicles to wrap up David before I moved on to Solomon. So now I am coming back to pick up I Kings...the adventure continues.

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The final chapter of I Chronicles. The end of the Davidic era and the beginning of the reign of Solomon. So very much happened in David's life. From a young shepherd boy to a young man taking on a giant in the name of God and country, to a prince, to an outlaw, to a King with 40 years of wins and losses. His early life touched the edges of the chaos of the judges and his late life passed on the fortune and peace of a modern age. He expanded the kingdom, brought music and worship to His people and to us, and made way to bring the presence of the lord to the people- first by the Temple, and eventually through our Lord, Jesus Christ.

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As he almost always did, when it was time for something important, David summoned all of the officials of Israel to assemble. He was an early pioneer in change management (maybe because his Mentor was the God of the Universe.)

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Recently I started using a Chronological Bible for my daily reading. I felt like I had a hard time aligning events in the right time frame when I read each book in order. I couldn't remember who went with which event and era. I had planned to do it on my own until I got to the end of II Samuel and realized that the next several books contained multiple overlapping timelines.

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This is the final psalm in the Sons of Korah collection in the NIV Chronological Bible. We were in I Chronicles and David was assigning the Levitical families as gatekeepers to the Temple. The Sons of Korah were one of those two families.

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I was working through the bible chronologically. In I Chronicles 26 the chronological bible takes a pause to include all of the Psalms of the Sons of Korah, as they were one of two families assigned as gatekeepers to the temple. There were several Sons of Korah psalms from "Book II" of the Psalms and remaining are three more from "Book III" of the Psalms. The first of these is Psalm 84.

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